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Originally from eastern Iowa, Dr. Spurgeon grew up with three older brothers.  His parents were both educators and instilled the importance of education to him.  While his father was a physical education teacher and his three older brothers and he all loved athletics, he formed a great interested in physical health and fitness.

After visiting the chiropractor at a young age for scoliosis prevention, he remembers feeling great after adjustments.  As he considered what he wanted to do for a career, he felt the job entailed much of what he enjoyed.  After realizing the original and much esteemed Palmer College of Chiropractic (PCC) was just a short thirty minute drive from his hometown, the decision made all the more sense.  Before long he was planning his education in chiropractic medicine.

After graduating from PCC he worked with several experienced chiropractors and atlas orthogonal doctors around the country, including the founder of the Atlas Orthogonal Technique, Dr. Roy Sweat.  He soon became board certified in the technique, which focuses on specifically and gently correcting misalignment of the neck vertebrae.  While he has practiced in several states and has even been recruited to work in Dubai, UAE, Dr. Spurgeon has returned to his midwest roots.  He has been practicing in the Kansas City area since 2012.  Always top priority for Dr. Spurgeon is patient care and continual improvement of their conditions.   He continues to employ many adjusting and soft-tissue techniques, and believes in staying up to date with the latest techniques, education, and technology.

Office:  (816) 361-8885

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