Do chiropractors get adjusted?

Many patients are very curious to find out what I do when I need an adjustment.  Do I get adjusted?  Who do I go to?  Fact of the matter is I benefit from regular adjustments just like anyone else.

As many people expect, chiropractors often trade services with each other.  Many DC’s (doctor of chiropractic) who practice in a group setting take advantage by getting adjusted whenever they want, often several times per week or month.  As I am in solo practice, I don’t have the luxury of getting adjusted as soon as I feel “out”.  So I try to schedule maintenance visits, knowing my body will benefit from getting an alignment on a regular basis.

Truth of the matter is that chiropractic can be a very physically demanding job, depending on the technique practiced.  I tend to do a lot of manual therapy along with traditional and upper cervical specific techniques.  After doing extended amounts of manual therapy my hands and forearms can fatigue, and I’ll compensate with my arms, shoulders, and torso.  Eventually my neck and back can suffer.  I’m never in the mood to schedule new appointments when I’m feeling bad, so again, having maintenance visits that I can rely on is a tremendous help.

Dr. Ryan Spurgeon, DC, BCAO – 3/2014 

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