What are the average visit times?edited office pic

Including time to fill out paperwork, expect 45-75 minutes for a first visit.

Follow up visits average 30-45 minutes.  If reviewing x-rays the visit may be longer if time allows.


What insurance plans do you accept?

We are a credentialed provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, and Cigna plans.  If your insurance is not covered, we will provide you with all the information required to submit a claim to your insurance company or we will attempt to become credentialed with your company.


What if I have no insurance/what is your cash price?

First visit (consultation, exam, and treatment) is $50, follow up treatments are $35.  Please note that our treatment times are often considerably longer than other comparably prices offices, and much less than other upper cervical based offices.

I have insurance, how do I know if your treatment is covered?

The best way* to find out what is covered is by calling the number on your insurance card, and ask if chiropractic care is covered.  Then you may want to ask if our office is considered “in-network”.  Use the following information:

Dr. Ryan Spurgeon, DC
9229 Ward Parkway, Suite #107
Kansas City, MO 64114


Dr. Ryan Spurgeon, DC
450 E. Santa Fe St
Olathe, KS 66061

*For the Olathe office we can check your coverage for you.  Please feel free to call or send a picture via email or text (913-353-6655) including your insurance card with your full name and date of birth.


What if my insurance doesn’t cover all the costs?

Once we receive payment from your insurance company, we will send you a bill for the difference.  Please understand that we typically won’t receive any type of payment from the insurance company for two to eight weeks after the time of service and send out our billing on a quarterly (every three months) basis.

For the Olathe location we try to collect any amount due at the time of service, for any difference not covered we will send a bill for the difference.

What does a first visit include?

First visits include approximately 30-60 minutes with the doctor during which he will go through the following:

-review of past and current health history and any current complaints or goals for your visit

-general spinal examination and a focused examination of any problem areas*

-routine spinal x-ray is NOT our standard protocol, however if the doctor believes x-rays are important for you, he will recommend them at this time**

-a “regular treatment” (see next question)

                *during the first treatment the doctor will also do his best to give you his impression of what is going on with your body, what he feels he can do to help, and he will recommend a treatment plan or at least he will recommend when to come back

                **please be aware that we refer all of our x-ray films out to a local imaging center where costs are much lower than we could offer and insurances are accepted.  please call our office for information on where we are sending for our x-ray films


What does a regular treatment include?

Approximately 15-25 minutes (sometimes longer) with the doctor during which he may offer one or multiple of the following:

-review of any conditions

-extremity and spinal adjustment (mechanical and/or manual)

-mechanical massage

-manual therapy (myofascial release, Active Release Technique, trigger point therapy)

-lumbar flexion-distraction

-in-office or home recommendations for physiotherapy exercises

Sometimes available is 10 to 15 minutes on our inter-segmental traction table (known as the roller bed)  (Not available at Olathe location)


What can I expect for a treatment plan?

While treatment plans are different for every person, a typical treatment plan may start at two to three times per week for several weeks tapering down to one or less times per week for several weeks.


Do I have to follow through with the treatment plan?

We do strongly recommend you follow through with your treatment plan to achieve the best results.  However, if you are unable to follow through with our treatment plan we would rather you receive some treatment rather than none.  Therefore you may schedule a visit at anytime.


How long will it take for me to see results?

While many people report positive affects after the first treatment, we suggest that you wait a minimum of two weeks to see positive results.  For some conditions it is common for results to take longer.

What should I expect after the first visit?  

While it is common and wonderful if you feel much better after the first visit, please be aware that it possible you may not experience relief immediately.  It is very common to have some muscle soreness after treatment, and while rare, it is possible to feel worse after the first few treatments.

We urge you to call the office if you have any concerns.


What if nothing is wrong with me and I just want to be adjusted?

We are happy to see you anytime for you to enjoy the benefits of regular chiropractic care.


What if I’m interested specifically in Atlas Orthogonal Technique (AOT)?

If you are specifically interested in AOT, please schedule a consultation with us and explain you are interested in AOT.  Please be aware of the following:

-after the initial consultation we will likely refer you to have specific AOT films taken at a local imaging center (most insurances are accepted)

-if scheduling allows, you can be adjusted the same day


Why does your phone number reach the Chinese Medicine Clinic?

Dr. Spurgeon practices out of the Chinese Medicine Clinic and serves as their “onsite chiropractor”.  Along with chiropractic, they offer massage therapy, acupuncture, and traditional chinese medicine.  You are free to utilize the additional services or only schedule with Dr. Spurgeon.  The office manager, Mary, handles all the scheduling, billing, and other front office concerns.


How often should I get adjusted?

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What is a Subluxation?

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Where is your office and how can I schedule?

Read our answer here.


If your question was not answered please call us at (816) 361-8885 or send us a message here.


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