Gentle chiropractic techniques for kansas city

Most chiropractors offer gentle alternatives to their patients.  I have the benefit of offering atlas orthogonal chiropractic to patients, along with activator, trigger point therapy, and flexion-distraction among others.  While everybody responds differently to adjustments, many people prefer not to have their neck “popped”.  While officially called Diversifed or Gonstead techniques, these techniques can be difficult to perform properly, especially if somebody has a more delicate neck.  While some patients may stay away from chiropractors because of this fear, there are chiropractors who offer techniques without “popping” the cervical spine.

I believe most important for patients is to find a chiropractor that with which they feel comfortable expressing their concerns to, thereby relieving anxiety.  You do have the benefit of talking with me about having concern with neck adjustments.  Also, I am one of only a few chiropractors in the area that offer atlas orthogonal technique.  I do know most of the practitioners who practice the technique in the area, and I can express to you about which practitioner may work best for you.  Also I offer trigger-point therapy that can benefit the most delicate of necks.

At my office I take pride in taking around fifteen minutes with every patient, more for first visits, and care is beyond affordable.  First visits start at $50, and follow up visits are only $35.  We also take most insurances.  Expect to be seen two to three times per week to start, tapering off after two to four weeks in most cases.  Simply call the office to schedule an appointment, and we can go from there.  (816) 361-8885

Ryan Spurgeon, DC – Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist

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