Jammed Neck?

cervical spine

I was recently at a seminar, learning about treatment and alignment of the upper cervical spine after whiplash injuries.  The speaker was a very esteemed chiropractor and atlas orthogonal doctor.  In passing he mentioned that when an atlas orthogonal doctor restores a proper alignment of the head and neck within 72 hours (post injury), the inflammatory response will be reduced or stopped.  Meaning there won’t be as much pain, swelling, etc.

This rang a bell in my memory.   Playing basketball growing up, a common remedy for a jammed finger was to pull on the finger right after the injury (essentially a crude adjustment of the finger).  We were told that that would stop the finger from swelling (inflammatory response).  So you can see how the theories are similar.  I wouldn’t suggest pulling on your neck right after an injury, but I would suggest seeing an upper-cervical-based-chiropractor.  (www.GlobalAO.com; www.UPCSpine.com)

Dr. Ryan Spurgeon, DC, BCAO – October 2013 

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