What is Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Chiropractors focus on restoring alignment of the skeletal frame and removing nerve irritation through that process.  Upper cervical corresponds to upper neck.  Therefore upper cervical chiropractic is the focus of restoring alignment to the upper neck vertebrae, and removing nerve irritation at this important area.

There are several upper cervical chiropractic techniques in use today, atlas orthogonal technique is one of them.  Upper cervical chiropractors typically acquire additional training in examining and adjusting the special anatomy of this delicate area.  The upper cervical spine protects the uppermost portion of the spinal cord, and the lowermost portion of the brainstem.  Due to the physiologic importance of this area, removing nerve irritation to this area can sometimes provide seemingly miraculous results.  If you suspect you could benefit from upper cervical chiropractic, please schedule a visit at our office.

Dr. Ryan Spurgeon, DC, BCAO – 5/2014 

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