Why See Us?

While we offer exceptional care to our insured patients, those with high deductibles, co-payments, or co-insurances can receive great treatment as well.  We provide comprehensive adjustment, physiotherapy, and manual therapy to everyone at just $35 per visit.

  1. Personalized one-on-one time with the Doctor  –  At our office all of the office pic cmctreatment and therapies are performed by Dr. Spurgeon himself.   You will have plenty of one on one time to make sure all of your questions are answered, and if your questions aren’t answered, you can reach him here!
  2. Upper Cervical Trained Doctor  –  There are less than three hundred Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal Doctors in the world.  Dr. Spurgeon was has spent countless hours learning about the specific anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of the upper cervical (neck) spine.  Training came from the founder of the technique himself.  Whether you are being treated via Atlas Orthogonal Technique or not, Dr. Spurgeon applies this knowledge to every patient he sees.
  3. Quality/complete care  –  Treatment times average fifteen minutes.  During this time Dr. Spurgeon does whatever he can to correct the problem and restore alignment.  By taking extra time to perform myofascial release, recommend postural changes, or prescribe physiotherapy exercise, recovery times are reduced and you feel better quicker.
  4. Integrative Approach  –  Dr. Spurgeon is the official onsite-chiropractor at the Chinese Medicine Clinic.  Beyond his service, this integrative medicine clinic offers the service of a chinese medicine doctor and licensed acupucturist of fifteen years experience, and a licensed massage therapist of twenty years.  Learn more here.
  5. Many Techniques  –  Dr. Spurgeon is a self-professed “technique junkie”.  In practice he utilizes Atlas Orthogonal, Activator, Diversified, Gonstead, Lumbar Flexion/Distraction, Sacro-Occipital (SOT), Thompson Drop, and soft-tissue techniques (similar to Active Release Technique).
  6. Gentle/Low-Force Techniques  –  Dr. Spurgeon always strives to make the biggest change for you while utilizing the least force.  Using higher force techniques only when necessary.  Often he applies soft-tissue release to perform alignment and restore proper biomechanics.

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